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The extensive Mahan Family Tree, compiled over many years by Dr. Harry James (Jim) Mahan, is on the website. With permission from Jim’s wife, Jan, I have accepted the honors of preserving Jim’s work, making it more accessible to other family members and friends and doing minor updates as new information becomes available to me.

Currently, there are almost 1300 people represented in the Mahan Family Tree, which includes members of the related Campbell, Harvey, Miller and other families, as well. Here’s a small screenshot of the top of the family tree that starts with Thomas Mahan. who was born in Ireland.

Thomas MAHAN was born in Dromore, Cork, Ireland. He married Ann Jane Patterson in Dromore, Cork, Ireland. They had six children in 18 years. He died on August 15, 1848, in Guernsey, Ohio, and was buried there.

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