Arm Layout
Linda had seen an idea for a clothes drying rack that mounted on the wall and had one set of rods that hinged down and were held in place with chains. Starting with that concept, we came up with a design that had three sets of folding rods, hidden behind […]

Folding Clothes Drying Rack

Puppet Stage
Linda’s great Christmas idea was to put on a puppet show for the youngsters and young-at-heart-sters, then give the hand puppets to them to put on shows of their own. This great idea called for the design and build of a folding puppet stage. This one was done entirely out […]

Folding Puppet Stage

Finished Table
The general size, shape, and placement of this dining table was planned along with the design of our house. The wall it sits against was reserved for a narrow table that could be pulled out and set up to sit six to eight people. Made of white ash, like many […]

Drop Leaf Dining Table

Organized Lumber
My dad’s words “Build it sturdy!” led me to run my seven 2×4 uprights to pressure treated sleepers on the floor. My barn was built with advanced framing techniques, so the wall studs are 2x6s on 24 inch centers, covered with 5/8 inch OSB. I used short brackets to reduce […]

Lumber Rack

Welcome to the online home of Marietta Wood Works. Far from the original home of Marietta, Georgia, the name of my woodworking shop persists, with many fond memories … and many exciting projects to come. Sawdust is still one of the main products of Marietta Wood Works, along with custom […]

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