Pen Turning – Ongoing

It’s been years since I’ve turned any pens. With a new Nova Comet II midi lathe, an MT2 pen mandrel and a Mandrel Saver live center, turning out beautiful pens and pencils is more enjoyable than ever. So far, all of my pen kits and supplies are from Penn State Industries (PSI), but I hope to branch out to some of the other suppliers and try their kits and supplies, too. Being frugal, and I thought it would be a fun challenge, I designed and built my own self-centering Pen Blank Vise for drilling out pen blanks on the drill press. It works well, but I also ordered a set of pen blank jaws for the Nova G3 scroll chuck, so I will probably be drilling most of my pen blanks right on the lathe. This is an ongoing project page, so check back once in a while for updates!