Rope Rug Fabric Unspooler

Since last fall, Linda has been sewing beautiful rope rugs with fabric colors and patterns lovingly selected to fit with each recipient’s preferences and decor. For each rug, over 800 linear inches of 2-1/2″ wide batting and fabric are folded over and sewn into a rope form. The long rope is then zig zg stitched together in either a circular or an oval pattern to form the rug.

A great example of Dream :: Design :: Do, Linda brought me a dimensioned sketch of a “helper” she thought of for her sewing room. The “helper” would first help with rolling up the long strip of fabric. Then both the fabric roll and the batting roll would be mounted on the “helper” and keep them from getting twisted and tangled as they were unspooled and sewn into the rope form.

And that’s how this fun and useful Rope Rug Fabric Unspooler came into being!