Mary’s Mesquite Log

Mary was saddened when a sudden Arizona storm blew down a mesquite tree in her yard. Not long ago, Mary’s husband Boyd had passed away, and that particular mesquite had always been his favorite tree. As Mary’s friend, Deb asked me if they sent me a log from Mary’s fallen tree, would I be able to make some small item from it for Mary to keep. I replied that I would certainly try and that I would be honored to help preserve a small part of Boyd’s favorite tree for Mary.

It would be my first time working with mesquite, and I was a bit concerned that the wood, having recently fallen, would be green and require some time for drying. Once I received the log and started breaking it down into smaller pieces, I learned that mesquite is a very dry wood, even alive. This was confirmed by a bit of research, with my moisture meter and by the fact that the wood soaked up both oil and film finishes like a sponge.

As this project turned out, I was able to make five small items out of that small mesquite log that arrived in my workshop via UPS. Deb presented Mary with a pen, a rustic bowl, a small box, a rustic bud vase and a card / photo holder. I received a lovely email from Mary, who has experienced nearly ninety trips around the Sun, expressing her appreciation for the special mesquite keepsakes.