Kyle’s Knife Block

Kyle brought his set of kitchen knives over to sharpen them with my diamond plate and water stones. The knives were in great shape but his original knife block was water-marked and starting to delaminate a bit. It was in the fall, so I had plenty of time to draw up a design and have a new knife block ready by Christmastime. I made a sketch and took dimensions from his existing block and knives while he was sharpening beside the sink. If he noticed me poring over his block and knives, he was kind enough not to ask any questions!

Maple seemed like a good choice for wood species, and finishing with food-safe walnut oil put a nice sheen on the finished knife block. After gluing up the main slabs, dadoed to accommodate the blades and sharpening steel, I added thin veneers of maple to hide the glue lines and then hid the veneers by rounding over the edges at the router table. As a bit of decoration, I engraved the new WÜSTHOF logo and name on the top board before glue-up, and filled the engraving with red and black two-part epoxy.