Category: Small Projects

  • Kyle Makes a Pen and Pencil Set

    Kyle Makes a Pen and Pencil Set

    “I played it cool today, as my dad heart was bursting with happiness! #fathersonworkshopproject” is how I described this day in my workshop on social media recently. I love doing a joint project with a young person and hopefully passing along a little knowledge and some passion for working with wood. When that young person […]

  • Hardwood Ceiling Panels

    Hardwood Ceiling Panels

    A quick project making some hardwood ceiling panels with different adhesives, backers, and batten strips.

  • Stefanie’s Sacred Heart Display Case

    Stefanie’s Sacred Heart Display Case

    Based on a sacred heart pendant and unique display case she saw in Italy, my friend Stefanie asked me if I would consider making her a similar display case. After looking at a photograph of the display case she saw, I said, “Sure, that looks like a fun and interesting challenge!” Stefanie ordered a sacred […]

  • Kyle’s Coffee Table

    Kyle’s Coffee Table

    This coffee table will complement a new sectional in my son, Kyle’s living room. We collaborated with a few rounds of emails until the design below was settled on. It features a 6/4 white ash top with breadboard ends and heavy duty steel hairpin legs. The top will receive a light brown stain and the […]

  • Pen Turning – Ongoing

    Pen Turning – Ongoing

    It’s been years since I’ve turned any pens. With a new Nova Comet II midi lathe, an MT2 pen mandrel and a Mandrel Saver live center, turning out beautiful pens and pencils is more enjoyable than ever. So far, all of my pen kits and supplies are from Penn State Industries (PSI), but I hope […]

  • Self Centering Pen Blank Vise

    Self Centering Pen Blank Vise

    This self-centering drill press vise design is inspired by the components of traditional woodworking hand screw clamps. The entire vise will “float” to clamp onto a drill rod clamped in the drill press chuck. Once the jaws are centered, the base will be clamped to the drill press table. Subsequent pen blanks or other stock […]

  • Rope Rug Fabric Unspooler

    Rope Rug Fabric Unspooler

    Since last fall, Linda has been sewing beautiful rope rugs with fabric colors and patterns lovingly selected to fit with each recipient’s preferences and decor. For each rug, over 800 linear inches of 2-1/2″ wide batting and fabric are folded over and sewn into a rope form. The long rope is then zig zg stitched […]

  • Diane’s Seed Box

    Diane’s Seed Box

    A gift for our friend, Diane, this seed box incorporated several small-project techniques that are relatively new to the Marietta Wood Works shop. Resawing stock provided 1/2″ and 1/4″ thick components in keeping with the scale of the overall project. Temporary painter’s tape hinges did a good job keeping components aligned during glue up and […]

  • Antique Rocker Repair

    Antique Rocker Repair

    A call from a family member came in that a favorite antique folding rocker had been broken. Once I got the rocker into the workshop, getting the broken seat apart became the first challenge. The four pivot points were headed metal rods with hollow ends that had been swagged. The only way to remove them […]

  • Binocular Shelf

    Binocular Shelf

    With our bird feeders out the back door and the neighbor’s hay field beyond, there is a lot of wildlife to see. We kept our binoculars handy, sitting on the window ledge until Linda came up with the idea for a small shelf mounted in a perfect spot next to the back door. Made from […]