Workbench Cabinet and Saw Stands

This workbench cabinet, chop saw stand and bench saw stand were designed to work with the Classic Workbench project. The workbench cabinet will sit on the leg stretchers of the workbench and features three soft close drawers and one small cabinet area behind a Shaker style panel door. The two saw stands were designed with specific saws in mind, so that the work surfaces of the saws would be at the same 36″ height of the workbench. The saw stands will easily attach and detach from the workbench with 5/16″ threaded studs and star knobs.

With future expansion and some adjust ability in mind, both of the saw stands feature 1 1/2″ thick adjustable leveling plates that will accommodate some variation in the shop floor. The leveling plates will also accommodate future chop and bench saws with different mounting-surface-to-working-surface dimensions. Standard 1/2″ hardware was used to provide both sturdy support and adjustment capabilities.

All three cabinets are made of 3/4″ birch plywood carcasses, with hard maple face frames.