Terri & Jeff’s Dining Room Table

This project is a custom dining room pedestal table for Terri and Jeff. One end of this bar top height table will attach to an existing kitchen island, while the main weight of the table will be supported by an eight inch, eight-sided center column with three legs and ball feet. Constructed from white ash, this table was stained with MinWax Dark Walnut stain and varnished with MinWax Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane in a satin sheen to complement the existing woodwork in the room.

While most of this project was straightforward woodworking, two components provided interesting challenges in the workshop. The three ball feet, glued up and lathe turned to custom templates have internal leveling feet incorporated. The real challenge is the curved section of table apron, which will be made of a bent lamination glue up. To accomplish this, a form made of four layers of 3/4 MDF was designed and fabricated to accommodate 19 clamps. A single white ash board was resawed into six thin strips, coated with Gorilla brand polyurethane glue and clamped in the bending jig. Polyurethane glue dries more rigid than PVA glue, so it was used to minimize springback of the curved apron blank upon removal from the jig.

The final subassemblies were transported and installed on site. With four beautiful bar height chairs around it, this custom table comfortable accommodates four people, with room for two more seated on the ends of the existing kitchen cabinet.