Smartphone Amplifiers

Inspired by the walnut inlaid amplifier that Kyle made for Beth for last year’s Christmas name exchange, I decided to make a simplified design, taking advantage of the lessons learned from Kyle’s build. I also took advantage of a piece of 2″ thick white ash left over from Kyle’s Platform Bed build.

One of the lessons was the difficulty of holding all the pieces in perfect alignment for the final glue-up, so I incorporated 1/8″ dowels at the glue joint interfaces, using holes drilled before the side pieces were cut away on the bandsaw. The dowels just had to be strategically placed so they ended up in the sections left after the internal sound chamber was sawed away. Plus … who knew you can buy 1/8″ dowels at the local Ace Hardware?? Instead of filling in the dowel holes on the outside of the amplifier, I decided to leave them as a “feature.”

With a few coats of MinWax Water Based Oil Modified Polyurethane and a little branding iron work, these amplifiers came out looking good and they really pump up the volume when a smartphone is inserted!