Rob’s UPLIFT Standing Desk

The time had come to update the computer and its setup in my home office. A long overdue addition of RAM took my aging HP Pavilion tower from 8GB to 32GB and drastically improved its performance. Lesson learned and passed on. I was also having a little trouble seeing my dual monitor setup on their VariDesk standing desk converter, which placed the monitors at least three feet away. And to top off my list of complaints, the VariDesk base on the fixed height desk raised my keyboard a bit too high for comfortable typing.

After a lot of research and watching standing desk reviews, I settled on buying the highly rated UPLIFT DESK V2 Commercial T-style base and building my own table top to attach to it. With a motor in each three-stage telescoping leg, this particular base has a lifting capacity of over 350 pounds and about 24 inches of travel, up to a maximum of about 48 inches off the floor. When doing wire management (last few photos below), I could practically walk under the desk at its maximum height!

After a few weeks of use, I am very satisfied with my new UPLIFT DESK standing desk. I bought one of the upgraded controllers that saves up to four programmable heights, so going from my personal sitting height to my standing height at the touch of a button takes about ten seconds or so. At both heights, the desk is solid, with no monitor shake when I am banging away on the keyboard. The ease of switching between standing and sitting makes going between those two postures several times a day both healthy and a real pleasure!