Representation of Jesus’s Empty Tomb

Linda and I designed and built a representation of Jesus’s Empty Tomb for the Face to Face with the Easter Story program at the Dexter United Methodist Church, presented on March 27th, 2021 and attended by over 350 people.

After designing a 3D representation that could be folded flat for easy storage, we headed to Lowes for a couple of sheets of 1/2″ maple plywood, six sets of 4″ strap hinges and a couple of 2x4s. Working from our design, Linda laid out the freeform curves of the profile and set to work cutting them out with a jigsaw. She then laid out the hinge locations, drilled the holes and mounted the hinges. Two 2x4s were angled to hold the “wings” and form the 3D representation.

Special recognition goes to Artist Sharon Broyles, who brought the tomb representation to life with amazing colors of rocks, vegetation and shading! Attaching black fabric to the inside surface of the door, Sharon completed the artfully done representation of Jesus’s Empty Tomb.