New Jewelry Set in Stone Space

Stephen and Katie have acquired a beautiful new space for their custom jewelry business, Jewelry Set in Stone, located on the second floor of the historic Clocktower Building in Chelsea, Michigan. Once they had access to this bright, light-filled space, Stephen asked me to help him decide on some decorating and arrangement decisions. The best way I knew to help was to create a 3D model of the space in SketchUp, where we could easily try different color schemes, window dressings, furniture arrangements and other aspects of setting up the new space.

I paid a visit while the space was being prepared and took a bunch of photos and measurements. Below are some of the under renovation photos, 3D model screen shots and finally, a 3D animated walk-thru of the resulting SketchUp model. Jewelry Set in Stone has had their grand opening and the space turned out even more stunning than our model.

Contact Stephen and Katie through their website and visit this beautiful new space in person!