Metal / Wood Plaque Joint Project

Every since my buddy Al put a Langmuir Crossfire Pro CNC plasma cutter in his shop, we’ve talked about doing a joint metal / wood project. A wonderful reunion of three couples, all lifelong friends, finally presented the perfect opportunity to make commemorative plaques a joint project. Starting in Al’s shop, we cut out mountain scenes with an alpine lake in the foreground out of 16 ga. sheet metal. Taking the digital file we had created in Inkscape, along with the metal scenes back to my shop, the process continued on my Openbuilds CNC router. After gluing up and carving three 10 inch x 18 inch plaque blanks, two-part epoxy pours added color. Once the epoxy cured and was sanded, a couple of coats of Minwax Water Based Oil Modified polyurethane sealed the plaques. Finally, the mteal scenes were permanently affixed in their pockets with 4400 psi 5-minute epoxy.