Kyle’s Coffee Table

This coffee table will complement a new sectional in my son, Kyle’s living room. We collaborated with a few rounds of emails until the design below was settled on. It features a 6/4 white ash top with breadboard ends and heavy duty steel hairpin legs. The top will receive a light brown stain and the legs will be primed and painted black. The overall dimensions are 17 1/2 H x 22 W x 36 L. The top approximates a Golden Rectangle, respecting the Golden Ratio of  1.618 : 1, which also can be observed in the way trees grow, in the proportions of both human and animal bodies, and in the frequency of rabbit births.

After preparing and sending eight varnished stain samples (actually seven stains and one no stain) on white ash, Kyle chose Minwax Puritan Pine to go with his existing wood furniture and floors. The coffee table top will be sealed with several coats of Minwax spar urethane in a satin gloss level.