Katie’s Little Stools

Katie asked me if I could make two little stools, based on the one she already had. She also pointed me to a plan for them online. As always, well almost always, I created a 3D model of the stool from the plan, along with a few corrections and “improvements.” From the SketchUp model, I also produced dimensioned drawings and a full sized template for the stool sides. Conveniently, the template fit on a single sheet of paper.

After building the first two with square, mortised stretchers between the sides, I updated my SketchUp design to use round dowels for stretchers. This simplified construction, which came in handy when I learned that Megan might like one, too! So I made another one for Megan, and one for Makayla at the same time.

From the big smiles on the little ones’ faces as they sat on these kid-sized stools, I bet more of them will be coming out of the Marietta Wood Works workshop!