Hello World!

Welcome to the online home of Marietta Wood Works. Far from the original home in Marietta, Georgia, the name of my woodworking shop persists, with many fond memories … and many exciting projects to come.

Sawdust is still one of the main products of Marietta Wood Works, along with custom furniture, cabinetry, and the occasional gift item. My favorite thing to do in the workshop is pass along woodworking skills and traditions, as my dad passed to me the love of wood and working with my hands.

I’ve heard it said that the mark of a good carpenter isn’t one who never makes a mistake, but one who can recover gracefully when a mistake is made. Evident from a recent project that came back to my workshop for a tune-up, I make my share of mistakes … but I try not to make the same mistakes more than a couple of times.

All the best,