Gaskets for the Alaya Windlass

As Lucas and Emily renovate the Alaya, they have had to fabricate many unique or no longer available parts. To rebuild their motorized anchor windlass, new gaskets were needed. Lucas measured and modeled the main and motor seal gaskets he needed and sent the files to me. I imported his files into SketchUp and then into V-Carve Desktop to generate the G code files needed to drive my CNC router. The video below is a CNC simulation from V-Carve.

Lucas drop shipped a couple of rolls of KARROPAK Tan Fiber Sheet gasket material to me. The challenge became figuring out a way to hold the uncoiled sheet flat on the CNC bed. I used a combination of Oramask 813 stencil film and XFasten Double Sided Woodworking Tape as seen in the gallery below.

The video below shows the first attempt at cutting out a custom gasket on my CNC router. The pass shown was just a little too deep and brought up some adhesive from the double-sided tape I used to hold the gasket material flat. A second try with a little less cutting depth resulted in a cleaner cut with less fuzziness to contend with.

If I were going to do a lot of gaskets on my CNC router, a drag knife and vacuum table would probably be good upgrades!