Cherry Box Restoration

An old cherry box, one of many made by my dad, Bill Mahan, back in the day. Still solid, time had taken it’s toll, warping the box and lid so they no longer lined up or closed. After some jointer and table saw work and quite a bit of sanding, the sides of the box and lid were thinner, but straight again. The lid ended up shorter, but I wanted to use the original hardware, so I added a bullet-nosed walnut detail to the lip of the lid to make up for the quarter inch I removed to flatten the lid again.

A few coats of spray Deft polyurethane brought the life back to the sanded cherry wood. Black flocking finished the interior of the lid and box. The restored box, with dad’s finger joinery and a new walnut accent strip, made a kind of special birthday present to Kyle … from his Grandpa Bill and from his dad. 🙂