Category: Special Projects

  • JOY Yard Signs

    After almost ten years after making the first two sets of JOY yard signs, Stephen requested another joint effort to create two more sets. One of these sets would go to Andrew and Megan, and the other set would go home with Stephen, as a surprise early present to Katie. The plan was to finish […]

  • Mary’s Mesquite Log

    Mary was saddened when a sudden Arizona storm blew down a mesquite tree in her yard. Not long ago, Mary’s husband Boyd had passed away, and that particular mesquite had always been his favorite tree. As Mary’s friend, Deb asked me if they sent me a log from Mary’s fallen tree, would I be able […]

  • Discs for Ruthann

    With an upcoming wedding in the family, Ruthann asked if I would cut some logs from trees that came down on their property into discs to use as table decorations for the wedding reception. When I learned that the diameter of the larger logs would fit on my bandsaw, I agreed to the project. With […]

  • Alaya Boat Windows

    One of the major projects that Lucas and Emily have undertaken in the restoration of their sailboat, the Alaya, is replacing all of the windows. The challenge was coming up with an efficient way to accurately duplicate the original, hand-fit windows in 1/2″ polycarbonate. With hands on experience and a lot of brainstorming, our process […]

  • New Jewelry Set in Stone Space

    Stephen and Katie have acquired a beautiful new space for their custom jewelry business, Jewelry Set in Stone, located on the second floor of the historic Clocktower Building in Chelsea, Michigan. Once they had access to this bright, light-filled space, Stephen asked me to help him decide on some decorating and arrangement decisions. The best […]

  • Score Four

    A fond childhood memory was sitting at the kitchen table, usually in the wintertime, and playing game after game of Score Four. I think we only ever played by the basic rules, and as soon as someone won by getting four of their color beads in any straight row, the game was over and we’d […]