Category: For the Shop

  • Box Joint Jig

    After I enjoyed making the Box Joint Box for Jeff, I decided to make a more permanent box joint jig for the workshop. I wanted a jig that didn’t depend on clamping it to a miter gage on the tablesaw, that would accommodate different thicknesses of wood and that would be easy to make very […]

  • Table Saw Cabinet

    Sometimes, projects in the shop are simple and quick, often to answer an organizational need. During a major shop cleanup and re-organization, I took down the shelves on the wall to the right of the tablesaw, as they were difficult to access and accumulating scraps that were hardly ever used. One function of a small […]

  • Lathe Cabinet Drawers

    I use a Craftsman roll around tool chest base for my NOVA Comet II midi lathe. The two drawers in the cabinet conveniently hold many of the accessories and supplies I use while turning pens, bowls, etc., on the lathe. The lower part of the cabinet is a big, empty space that was inefficient for […]

  • Self Centering Pen Blank Vise

    This self-centering drill press vise design is inspired by the components of traditional woodworking hand screw clamps. The entire vise will “float” to clamp onto a drill rod clamped in the drill press chuck. Once the jaws are centered, the base will be clamped to the drill press table. Subsequent pen blanks or other stock […]

  • Workbench Cabinet and Saw Stands

    This workbench cabinet, chop saw stand and bench saw stand were designed to work with the Classic Workbench project. The workbench cabinet will sit on the leg stretchers of the workbench and features three soft close drawers and one small cabinet area behind a Shaker style panel door. The two saw stands were designed with […]

  • Classic Workbench

    This is a joint project with my friend, James. We are building a riff on the famous Plate 11 workbench from Roubo’s “The Art of the Joinery,” along with coordinating mobile stands for James’s chop and bench saws.

  • Lumber Rack

    My dad’s words “Build it sturdy!” led me to run my seven 2×4 uprights to pressure treated sleepers on the floor. My barn was built with advanced framing techniques, so the wall studs are 2x6s on 24 inch centers, covered with 5/8 inch OSB. I used short brackets to reduce their moment arm length, and […]