Box Joint Jig

After I enjoyed making the Box Joint Box for Jeff, I decided to make a more permanent box joint jig for the workshop. I wanted a jig that didn’t depend on clamping it to a miter gage on the tablesaw, that would accommodate different thicknesses of wood and that would be easy to make very fine adjustments with. Borrowing ideas for box joint jigs from several different sources, I designed my own jig in SketchUp.

The most informative video I found was William Ng’s YouTube video, Make an Accurate Box Joint Jig, Simple and Fast. I’ve linked William’s video below. William runs the William Ng School of Fine Woodworking an Anaheim, California and based on his videos, I think he is an excellent instructor with a good sense of humor, too!

I also borrowed some concepts from Phil Huber’s YouTube video, The Ultimate Adjustable Table Saw Box Joint Jig! I’ve also linked this video below. Phil is Executive Editor of the Woodsmith Shop, the video extension of the woodworking magazine, Woodsmith, which I’ve had a subscription to for many years. While William Ng used a quick box joint jig clamped to a crosscut sled, Phil Huber’s jig had it’s own integral runners that fit into the miter slots of his tablesaw.

The photos and captions in the gallery below will give you an idea of the box joint jig I came up with!