Blueberry Fortress

The seven blueberry bushes on the east end of our garden had outgrown the individual cages we had built to protect our berries from the hungry little birdies that we enjoy seeing in the back yard. We feed them plenty of seed and suet to be okay with not sharing our precious blueberries with them!

Linda and I brainstormed and sketched out several different solutions, finally settling on the idea to incorporate the existing garden fence into an enclosure around the entire blueberry patch. We already had heavy gauge horsewire around the apple trees that could be re-purposed to support the netting needed to keep out Tweety and family. (We kept the apple trees protected from the deer with a lighter gauge horsewire that was a lot easier to work with.)

A few new seven-foot green fence posts and a dozen pressure treated 2x4s, along with a bit of netting, screening and some ash and maple out of my stock in the barn and Linda and I were off to the races. It’s a real pleasure to be able to walk into the enclosure and pick berries in our own well-protected blueberry patch!